The Next - an omen by R T Douse

            The Next - an omen  

                   a window to our future
                                                - R. T. Douse

Our planet is in crisis. Natural resources are being used up rapidly in
many parts of our world. They will soon be in short supply here at home.

Thoughtful people attempt to convey the enormity of our challenge.
Others choose to deny a problem exists. Mankind no longer has time
to wage pointless arguments over who is right and who is wrong.
Lost in the rancor is the undeniable root cause o
f our predicament.
It is a cause no one seems to have the courage to address: It is that
our present population explosion will soon frustrate any attempt to
forestall the collapse of civilization.

       Frustrated by inaction, someone will rise to the challenge and rush to solve it on their own. And although
       a “fix” must be made, and soon,
a quick fix may have unintended consequences.

Kelly Mason is a typical teenager . . . except for one small detail.  She was born with a minor evolutionary
change that sets her apart from family and friends.  It will even place her in
mortal danger.  As all hope of 
a normal life fades, Kelly in despair begins a journey to find purpose and meaning for her existence.  She 
discovers her true value in a wilderness and in so doing
becomes part of a new generation of humanity.

and all the while . . .

Dr. Samuel Morrison is, like Kelly, a gifted human being.  But Sam entertains no doubts about his purpose 
in life.  His hurried and single minded goal is to save our planet from depletion of natural resources through
over-population. Sam not only has a plan, he has the skills to carry it out.  What he lacks is one small and 
perhaps insignificant detail.  It is but a simple oversight, but one that could lead to total disaster if not for a 
young woman named, Kelly.  

           FROM THE AUTHOR:

Like many writers, many have asked, "Where did you find the idea for a story such as this?"  The truth
is simply, "I didn't.  It found me!"

There was a time in America's history when great numbers of America's middle class families found themselves
out of work and without shelter.  Some folks gathered together under freeway bridges in little shanty towns and
near those places where the promise of work still flickered.

I and my family chose not to.  We took to the wilderness to live under the stars by a clear and cold desert 
stream.  During this period of time, three months actually, we tried to live mostly off what was available
naturally.  It was an incredible learning experience for our family, one that we cherish to this day.  From this
experience, the seed of a story was planted.

The story is, simply stated, an adventure story.  And, like any novel, it is fictional.  Yet, in so many ways, it is
true - save for the ending that has not yet happened.


R T Douse (aka Richard Douse) lives on a 38 acre piece of heaven that is kept in its natural state for the 
exclusive benefit of the local flora and fauna.  It is located between the small communities of Palo Cedro and
Oak Run, in northern California.

Richard and his wife, Tammy, live in a very modern home on the ridge portion of their property which they
designed and built themselves.  They have lived off the grid since 1998, relying on solar for their electricity,
collecting rainwater for their in-house use, and growing most of their own vegetables with the help of two 
solar powered wells.

Richard was a photographer in the U. S. Navy, later working for General Dynamics/Pomona for many years 
in Publications Graphics, first as photographer, then as supervisor of the Audio Visual and Color Photography

Yearning for the country life, Richard and Tammy left security behind them and moved their family to Shasta
county, California.  Richard is a writer/poet/photographer and is an active member and supporter of Shasta
Land Trust.  This is an organization that works with willing ranchers and land owners to preserve and protect
open spaces by negotiating conservation easements on their property.  

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                    Reader's Comments:

5.0 out of 5 stars No words other than, Epic Novel!!!, March 30, 2012
Santosh (Mumbai, India) - 

This review is from: The Next - an omen (Kindle Edition)
The Next - an omen is a novel penned by author R.T.Douse. This book can be categoried as a Science fiction/Adventure
and outdoor/Thriller & suspense novel. Book contains 300+ pages (paperback version) of thoroughly enjoyable story,
that will not only make its readers to think about their future but will also make them question their current living and
how it's affecting whole world.

Book starts with rough sketching (describing) of protagonists, and how they are different from others. Although this is
a book falls under Sci-fi category, that doesn't mean this book is irrelevant/ impractical in day-to-day use. Author is trying
to describe the potential outcome of problems like, Climate Change, Overpopulation, pollution, food/water crisis etc...
This is also apparent, that author wants government to stop their passive role and start addressing issues like Global
Warming, more actively.

While reading this book, the thought of this story becoming true never left me. Though this is a science fiction, I think of
this book more as a science fact. Almost every scenario is plausible and will make its readers think about possibilities
and how the future will be based on those possibilities; a thought provoking book.

This book is by far one of the best Outdoor thriller books. The writing style of author R.T.Douse is not just creative, it's
almost magical. Each and every line is perfectly crafted and tailored to convey just the meaning that author intended.

On concluding notes, I would definitely recommend this book to any reader. After reading this novel R.T.Douse has
became my one of the "top 10 best authors", and I'll be waiting for the second book(if any) for this novel. It's been a while
since I've given 5 stars to any book, but this book sure deserves 5 out of 5 stars. An epic novel!

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Read !!!, March 14, 2012
Sue in CT -

This review is from: The Next - an omen (Kindle Edition)
The Next - an omen by R.T. Douse was an excellent fictional read about problems we face today with global warming,
depletion of natural resources and the many other problems we encounter including over population. Sounds a lot like
what we face today only there is a solution. One that doesn't give chance to corporate greed, political pressures, or any
other outside forces but the cost is high. Much too high thought some.

Once I started it I couldn't put it down, always wanting to know what happened next. I was never disappointed as the story,
for the most part, switches between two groups of people, the scientists and the survivalists. The one line in the book
I can't get out of my head while reading it was, "Beware the civilized man".

Kelly Mason had a special gift that put her life in danger. She learned how to block this gift which in reality she was denying
a part of who she was. Kelly along with some other chosen students took part in an experiment that removed them from society.
Although at times she was uncomfortable, she discovered who she really is. What she didn't know was just how important
her gift was or what a major role she and the other students played in the world.

Dr. Samuel Morrison, a world renowned geneticists, believes man is a product of nature. Man evolved quickly but it takes
nature much longer to evolve so it couldn't keep up with man's products and innovations. He found a way to put man back in
harmony with nature. No matter what the cost he is putting his plan into effect unless someone stops him in time.

So you think you know where this story is going? I did too but was surprised many times by the twists and turns. The other
times it left a bad taste in my mouth as I figured that what was going on is a typical reaction of those who crave power and
domination. Yet through the book it restored my faith in man-kind to work together and survive as long as they
beware of the civilized man.

Mike Brooks 
Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The Next - an omen (Paperback)
The Next, an omen puts to shame the typical virus thrillers such as Crichton's, The Andromeda Strain and Cook's, Outbreak
and brings the reader from outer space and predictable sinister government plots back into reality.

Overpopulation and its frightening scenario for the human race is not a myth, nor science fiction. Douse's, do-good/evil scientist
takes us on an exciting ride and leaves us wondering if this is possibly a real solution to mankind's most troubling problem.

The back story is a thrilling tale about the ultimate camping adventure and shows us what true isolation would really be like.
Understanding that everyday life is a Challenge and there are no contests resulting in Immunity, every fan of Survivor would
find it hard to put this book down.

Real Science Fiction, May 27, 2011
Warren Swanson

This review is from:
The Next - an omen (Paperback)
Richard Douse is a friend of mine and I bought his book as part of a Sierra Club fundraiser. Since he self-published,
my expectations were not high before I read his compelling story. I was soon drawn into a near future world with a
plausible scenario. The connection of the characters and the scenes between a lab and a anthropological survival
experiment are thoroughly engaging. And he ties them all together beautifully in the end. And yes it does demand a
sequel. This is a believable story that is hard to put down as Douse shows competence in the science lab and desert
survival. A great read. What a great movie this story would make. Believable science fiction.

An Engaging Read, April 25, 2011
John P. Cicero PhD

This review is from: The Next - an omen (Paperback)
My favorite stories keep me in thought about the characters between reading sessions. I was constantly in touch with
Douse's cast of characters and what they might be up to next. I thought I had it all figured out but somehow I knew better.
Or Douse knew better I should say. The ending takes us to a place of trememdous hope albeit at great initial cost.
While, perhaps, science fiction the themes of what our world has come to in science fact are gripping. I highly recommend
The Next - an omen. You will not be disappointed and you will be left with something to think about.

The Next-an omen, January 14, 2011
Gary E. Kriezel

Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The Next - an omen (Paperback)
The author has scored a bulleye's on his first novel. A sequel would certainly whet my appetite. His cover photo set
the tone for a true reading adventure. Our journey into the near future illustrates how small our planet has become.
He describes the critical issues man is facing now ; overpopulation,water and food issues and the political-economical
decisions impacting our planet now and in the not so future. Will future generations face the same survival aspects the
author has created in the desert setting involving a small group of men and women. Will overpopulation concerns be
held in check by the scientific and medical communities. A synthetic virus has recently been created in Switerland, will this
be of benefit? Time will tell! A must buy in my opinion.

I want a sequel, November 23, 2010
Thomas A. Osgood

This review is from: The Next - an omen (Paperback)
The Next-An Omen is a thoroughly engaging book that will have readers demanding a sequel. Douse's ability to bring
natural history and future science together in a dramatic story that exposes the best and worst of the human genome is
simply remarkable. While some may consider The Next a work of science fiction, I think "historical documentary" is a
more accurate description. But then, to get that perspective one must get to the future and look back. Let's hope ... I'm wrong.

Thought provoking and more than a little scary, December 18, 2010

This review is from: The Next - an omen (Kindle Edition)
Science fiction or science fact? This thoughtful and engaging story leaves the reader wondering not if but when this scenario
could unfold. Prepare to be absorbed in this plot which is all too plausible.

The Next - an omen, October 24, 2010
snickerfritz -

Amazon Verified Purchase
This review is from: The Next - an omen (Kindle Edition)
Good book. Kept my interest. Scarry thinking about the possibility of this happening.

Exciting and absorbing, January 3, 2011

This review is from: The Next - an omen (Kindle Edition)
All I can say it was fantastic!! I wanted more. I could not put it down--well worth the read and time.
Thank you Mr. Douse. Love that picture on the cover.